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Setting the Standard for Excellence in Education.

Partners In Education

Partners In Education - Become a Partner & Ensure our Peoples' Future

Each facet of the school is dedicated to ensuring Rambam Day School's excellence and vitality. We all share a common belief that every Jewish community should have a day school which provides its Jewish children the opportunity for a comprehensive secular education as well as an outstanding Jewish education. Our youth (at all ages) face a society which challenges their decision making skills on a daily basis. We teach character through Judaic studies in anticipation that our students will internalize the lessons of their Matriarchs and Patriarchs; thus, we infuse them with the integrity needed to rise above the challenges of society and to recognize that we hold our children, our grandchildren, and ourselves to societal norms greater than around us. 

In partnering with us through Partners In Education you unite with us in our dedication to provide Rambam Day School students with every tool necessary to succeed in higher education and to be proud of their Jewish heritage.

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