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Setting the Standard for Excellence in Education.

Curriculum & Accreditations

Middle School Curriculum
Rambam's middle school starts in fifth grade and concludes with graduation in eighth grade. Beginning in middle school, our students have their Judaic studies in the morning and their Secular studies in the afternoon. Rambam students have been very successful in gaining admission into the high schools of their choice, and have further advanced into the top colleges of their choice. Our peer schools have continuously applauded how well prepared Rambam students are when they graduate.
Our students, due to our intense focus on Secular and Judaic studies, learn the skill of juggling multiple ideas and lessons. Our students, through faculty example and lessons, learn the importance of good character, the importance of a Secular and Judaic education, and the significance of being an active member of their community.
Upon completing their education in Rambam, students are prepared to compete academically with other students throughout the nation.
Secular Education
Language Arts
History/Social Studies
Physical Education
Hebrew Education
Chumash (Bible)
Navi (Prophets)
Hebrew Language Arts
Jewish Laws and Customs
Gemara (study of Talmud) (Introduced in 5th grade as an optional enrichment class)