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Setting the Standard for Excellence in Education.

Message from Principal

I saw a very interesting comparison made between the Wizard of Oz and Jewish education:

Just as Dorothy and her hopeful crew followed the yellow brick road to find self-completion,
Jewish day school students are skipping down a path of good intentions. The happy ending occurs
only after Toto pulls back the curtain to reveal the Wizard’s true identity. He could only grant his
petitioners their wishes once he relinquished his false bravado and delivered authentically
from his heart.

Jewish learning is most effective and impactful when the Jewish essence of core values and tradition
are revealed and developed as its basis. Ultimately, the goal of a Jewish education is internal growth,
an extensive knowledge of our heritage, and a connection to our Creator.

As a people, we have survived every hostile situation throughout history by maintaining a
commitment to distinct ideals and prioritizing our tradition. A Jewish education gives a child the
opportunity to learn about the richness of his history which defines our people. A Jewish education
prepares students for the challenges of the world around them which seek to attack the very
essence of who they are as a Jew. A child will learn so much in a Jewish school about who they are;
it will infuse within them a self-respect for being a Jewish American.

Rambam Day School takes pride in the respect that our peer schools have for the education we
provide to our students. We take our secular studies very seriously and our fundamental goals
include our students being well prepared to transition to the high school of their choice with the
tools needed to succeed.

Every student that crosses our threshold becomes a child for whom we feel responsible, respect,
care about and will dedicate our lives to, so we can ensure their success as a whole person.
Ester Y. Rabhan